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"In my restless dreams, I see that town.

Peanuts Hill."

This is a shitty edit fanzine of  Peanuts characters in Silent Hill screenshots.
Good grief.


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It's Probably A Doghouse, Charlie Brown.pdf 2 MB


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ChildHoods X Horror Game Is Pretty Scarier


Strangely atmospheric. Reminds me of childhoods spend in dirty motels lying on hard carpets, playing secondhand board games, and staring at the fog outside the window. This captures something rare.

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In Silent Hill, Charlie Brown struggles find redemption after finally kicking the football - these are great.


Job well done!! I love how you took Charlie Brown and gave it a horror twist, keep up the fantastic work!!


i love the expression and mood of this zine so much! makes both hit home in a strange way. and the tagline above is hysterical. thank you!


I would absolutely play a Silent Hill-esque game starring Charlie Brown.


Given the trend of 3D Horror Games but with children cartoon/book characters, I can easily see that happening eventually.