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A short comic written and drawn for the first ShortBox Comics Fair, an online event debuting new independent comics.

Language: English / Japanese
Length: 16pp

The original Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen perished tragically, turning into sea foam when she failed to win her prince’s love. This is a story after her untimely death, a tale about the little mermaid’s younger sister who she had never met. The “little” little mermaid welcomes her fifteenth birthday, as she traces her late older sister’s wake towards the ocean ceiling. Upon breaking surface, will she also trace her sister’s fate?

A speculative spinoff of the much loved fairytale through a queer eye.


亡くなった人魚姫には妹がいた… 15歳の誕生日、かつて人魚姫もそうしたように、生まれて初めて海面を目指す彼女は実らぬ恋に朽ちた姉と同じ運命を辿るのか、それとも…。


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Get this comic and 39 more for $25.00 USD
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Purchased forever ago, forgot to write a comment: 

beautiful. thank you so much for sharing this. stories like this are not uncommon, exactly, but are often difficult to find. this was good for my soul lol. 

Thank you so much for coming back to leave a lovely comment!

Nice to meet you

My name is Tomoya Sawai !

I purchased this work

I haven't seen it yet, but please check

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This was wonderful. It really resonated with me, and your drawings are so lovely!

And like someone else commented, I'm so curious where this story goes (though I could imagine).

Thank you so much!
I'm building upon this idea for a fleshed out sequel, so I hope it'll be a proper project someday!

this is such a gorgeous and creative take on the premise! (and incidentally awesome language practice for me lol)😊your motion, forms, and shapes never fail to captivate

Thanks so much for your kind comment! Very glad you think so :)

This was beautiful from start to finish!!! I came across this from your promo post on tumblr and I'm so glad I bought it, what a great twist to a classic fairytale, the ending left me wanting more!

Thank you for reading!
There's a prequel brewing, maybe one day I'll have the resources to draw it!

Holy what a good comic!! Stumbled upon this from your Tumblr. The art is gorgeous and the panelling is spectacularly done, as well as the details. While I was reading this I was thinking "Wow, she really gives off AroAce vibes.." and turns out that was the case! I didn't know before purchasing so that was a surprise for me, in a good way. Keep up the great work! ^^


Thanks so much! Even before I've released the comic, people have been guessing she might be aroace from just the first three preview pages, which made me really happy.


This is a really good comic, it left me eager for more! keep up the good work!


Thank you so much! More is in the works :)

beautiful comic! im not sure if she was supposed to read as lesbian or Asexual, but this reimagining really made me want to read what happens next.


Thank you! She is aroace!